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Thursday, October 7, 2010

About me

Worked over 40 years in Space Technology related Engg job.

I joined Experimental Satellite Communication Earth Station , India's first earth station at Ahmedabad in 1969. It was later merged with Space Application Center ( SAC ) a part of Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO)where I developed 3 Channel Monopulse Tracking, Receiver, Conical Scanning Tracking Receiver, HPA output Power stabilizer, Programmed Tracking receiver using a mainframe computer etc etc.
Participated in wold's first Satellite Instruction Television Experiment ( SITE ) using NASA's 'ATS-6' satellite and in Satellite Telecom Experiment Program ( STEP ) using European Satellite 'Symphonie'.
In 1974 Joined Earth Station Group at National Remote Sensing Agency ( NRSA ), Hyderabad. Apart from developing various subsystems was Operations Director for Cartosat 2 satellite. In this connection received appreciation award from the then Indian president Abdul Kalam.
Several countries were also equipped with similar Earth Stations and installed each of those stations. Also trained those countrymen of this very high end science and technology.
Also provided similar facilities to many users within the country.

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