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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Which places are the best for Astronomical observations?

Our cities are illuminated in the night for citizens' benefit. The vehicle exhaust and dust pollutions make the cities useless for carrying out stellar observations. That is the reason why we see only the brightest of the stars from our city rooftops.

The next ideal place for these observations are areas which are far from the light and dust pollution, like midst of the forests or top of remote mountains.

But which are the best places for astronomical observations in the world?

Stargazers have identified a few places :

1. Channel Island of Sark : Sark has no public street lighting, there are no paved roads and cars, so it does not suffer from the effects of light pollution in the same way as towns and cities do.

2. Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, which became Europe's first International Dark Sky Park in November 2009.

For more details : Channel Island of Sark Becomes World's First Dark Sky Island

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s^3 said...

Coming next..

There are two big lakes in India which are formed because of falling meteorites.

We cover that in next post.

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