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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jamming of satellites .. What we feared all these years has finally happened

From  the days of Arthur C Clark's time we had that fear behind our minds. We knew that the satcom has this  biggest vulnerability  :   J A M M I N G !!

But mutual courtesy ..  more than a rule of law  saved us all these years from this catastrophe.

Now finally it has happened : Arabsat is jammed.  .. and its operators have approached ITU for justice.

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Also refer the comment that I have posted later.
This is not the first time.

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s^3 said...

An Update...

This is not the first incidence. Quoting from the comment I received for this post in another discussion forum :

TS Jones writes : " a number of years ago a US satellite that carried an iranian dessident show was jammed. The jamming was coming from a facility in Cuba. We told the cubans to shut it down, or else. The jamming stopped. "

Thanks Jones

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